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In October of 2018 the United States Post Office filed notice of increased postal pricing. As a result, new 2019 USPS mailing classes will increase on January 27th, 2019. On average all mailing categories are going up approximately 2.5%. However, by qualifying for a presort mailing program (200 standard or 500 for first-class mailings) or a non-profit mailing partner certified through USPS, businesses have the opportunity to reduce costs per piece as listed in the chart below. The online USPS business pricing calculator offers a general estimate based on weight and parcel type. For larger programs, and with new trade tariff changes, we’re advising clients to strategically plan for mailing programs by reaching out for a consultation.


Here are a few takeaways around new 2019 USPS mailing prices:

  • One of the most significant increase on stamps we’ve seen in a while with prices increasing by $0.05.
  • Standard and non-profit presort flat rates over 4 ounces are increasing an average of $0.51 per item. However, additional price per pound has gone down from an average of $0.82 to an average of $0.35 per pound.
  • Presort letters are minimally increasing by $0.01 – subject to mail sorting levels.
  • We’re seeing an overall decrease in additional price per ounce/pound. Going from an average of $0.41 to $0.21.

2019 USPS Postal Percentage increases

While prices are going up, cost can be reduced by analyzing the following:

  • Weight and packaging of direct mail print pieces.
  • Lists of recipients by geography (zones) and carrier routes.
  • Volume of mailings to qualify for metered and presort.
  • Keep variable data targeted but simple. Inserts and personally identifiable information can increase mailing costs.
  • Mailing list address hygiene. Work with a mailing partner that provides NCOA, Address Standardization, CASS services to reduce invalid addresses.
  • Using charts and Fineline mailing advisory services to estimate 2019 USPS mailing prices.

2019 USPS Pricing Chart by Mail Type

Download our 2019 Digital Postal Chart below:

Includes envelope size chart and pricing adjustments based on 5-digit, 3-digit, ADC, and Mixed AADC sending and sort levels.

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