Finelink™: Manage Your Brand & Print-on-Demand

Your document management and online ordering solution

FinelinkTM is Fineline Printing Group’s online document management and print-on-demand software solution that takes the hassle out of managing your printed resources. We create a custom, centralized digital storefront for your company to use to order and manage your resources. This cuts the middle man out of the print purchasing process so you spend less and get products faster.

Finelink is particularly helpful to companies with remote locations, multiple purchasing personnel, or sales channels involved in co-op marketing.

FinelinkTM  Benefits

  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Get 24/7 access

  • Manage your brand
  • Eliminate delays
  • Get reports on-demand

Custom Website with No Software

We create your website specific to your needs with unlimited employee logins. And, because Finelink is software-as-a-service (SaaS), you don’t have to worry about installations or viruses.

Access all information via your custom
home page—
within one or two clicks.

Streamlined Inventory and Fulfillment Management

You now have real-time access to accurate counts. You identify reorder trigger points to ensure that you always have product available, when you need it.

Manage costs and work smarter with the
help of robust and
customized reporting.

Online Catalog with 24/7 Ordering

With a few clicks, your order is processed and company forms, stationery, and marketing collateral are restocked and delivered just in time. By using Finelink you significantly reduce overall turnaround and fulfillment times. And you can access your custom storefront from any Internet browser, any time.

Organize your catalog of items any way you prefer.

Simple Customization with No Redesign

With your Finelink site there is no need to redesign or re-quote business cards for new employees. Just login, type their information, and click! Order is in. Finelink offers more detailed customization options, including variable copy and graphics.

Print Spend Control and Analysis

Finelink allows utilization of cost centers to provide purchasing and spending control. It also has robust reporting features that allow you to analyze metrics like print-on-demand versus print-to-warehouse. You can budget and forecast more accurately for future needs.

Brand Management

Control brand identity and design standards used throughout your organization by routing orders through one controlled environment.

Create marketing pieces—on the fly—by entering
custom copy and
selecting pre-approved graphics.

Economies of Scale

When it makes sense, you can order in bulk to reduce your overall cost per unit. We’ll store the inventory in our warehouse. When you need more, we just pack and ship.

Seamless ERP Integration

Finelink is easily integrated with a variety of corporate Intranet, e-procurement, and enterprise resource planning applications—including Ariba, Commerce-One, SAP, and PeopleSoft. Your users don’t have to learn a new interface to use Finelink’s various features; they simply place orders using their own familiar software.

To test drive Finelink at your convenience,
visit our demo site by clicking here.

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