“Jay Williamson brings to Fineline several decades of graphic arts industry sales expertise. Driven by long-term relationships, the majority of his customers are new to Fineline and responding positively. Jay presents himself with a high degree of professionalism and earns the trust of his customers through dedicated follow-up and repeat performance. We are confident that with our extensive offerings, he will do well here.”

Beth Valdettaro, VP of Sales & Business Development

Q&A with Jay:

Q: Describe your new role at Fineline.

A: My role is to listen to the client’s needs and wants, then develop a strategy to meet those needs considering the client’s input on budget and time requirements.

Q: What are some areas of expertise and skill sets that allow you to do your job well?

A: As a 4th generation printer with 40 years of trade experience, I possess technical skills, as well as Production Management experience. My press background gives me a unique insight into how best to transform a printing project from a concept on a computer monitor to press. My Production Management experience ensures each project receives the attention it deserves and moves through the plant seamlessly.

Q: Describe some of your past roles and accomplishments that will help you succeed in your new role.

A: I held positions at multiple printing companies serving in roles such as Senior Account Executive, and as an owner of my own Letterpress business. I have also served on the Board of Directors of The Thomas Carr Howe Alumni Association.

Q: Any comments on your new role?

A: I’m particularly excited about Fineline’s Finelink 2.0 print on demand and fulfillment system. Fineline invests in technology that maximizes the value that the client wants and deserves. Fineline believes, as do I, that sharing the latest processes gives our customers an extra advantage when trying to reach their audience.


Meet Jay

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  1. Avatar Terrina McNeill on March 7, 2018 at 3:54 pm

    I love this!! I have been with Jay for more than 15 years at his previous employer… AND have followed him to Finelines. I have always had excellent commitment from Jay He listens and reacts!

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