Guy Vreeman

Data, Security and Compliance Director

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As Director of IT & Compliance, Guy oversees Fineline’s datacenter, IT assets, network infrastructure, application integration, and ERP systems. Guy plays an important role in the design and implementation of variable data projects and is involved in putting all new technologies into place at Fineline.

Prior to joining Fineline, Guy was part of the original “Dotcom” boom in Chicago, leading creative teams in the design and implementation of web/disc, production and data applications.

Guy is involved in every aspect of finding, developing and pulling together new technologies at Fineline. He also plays a critical role in data integration at Fineline as well as helping our clients fine-tune their digital asset management and online needs.

Married with four children, Guy is an accomplished musician and when not at work, you can usually find him at a baseball field as he is an avid fan, coach and player.