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Promotional products have one of the best ROI of all forms of targeted marketing. If promotional and apparel are not part of your overall marketing strategy, you are missing one of the best opportunities to extend your brand.

Promotional Products Extend Your BrandPromotions & Apparel

Fineline’s Promotional Products & Apparel Senior Account Manager, Kim Ramirez,  explains why.

“Brand impression refers to any time a logo  is viewed. When customers wear, use or display promotional items with your logo/message, your message reaches far more people than the original recipient. Most  people own ten or more promotional items. They keep them for 7 months or more and pass them on to others when they are finished with them. That is a lot of brand impression for a very small investment.”

  • 94% of companies purchase promotional products.
  • 76% of people who receive a promotional product know and recall the message of the advertiser two years later!
  • Promotional items allow the consumer to interact with your brand and create a favorable impression of your company.



55% of consumers who receive promotional items had previously done business with the advertiser. After receiving the promotional product, 85% of consumers reported doing business with the advertiser. (source: Advertising Specialty Institute®).


Why Choose Fineline?

Our talented team of creative promotional experts take your brand message and connect it with today’s culture, trends, and attitudes through targeted, memorable promotional items and apparel. The result is increased brand awareness and brand perception.

Promotions & Apparel

      Expertise and Quality

More than 35 years as one of the Midwest’s leading commercial graphics and mailing providers.

ISO 9001:2008 compliant demonstrating our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

G7 Master Printer qualified proofing and printing presses.

Plant-wide project tracking technology continually updates the status of every job, ensuring that yours is always on time.

70,000-square-foot facility with more than 7 0 employees.


Need to contact our Promotions & Apparel department directly? Call 317-871-3965

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    Kim Ramirez

    Senior Account Manager, Promotional Products & Apparel

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    Shauntel Roberts

    Client Service Representative

    Shauntel brings ten years of printing and promotional/apparel products experience to her role as Client Service Representative. Problem-solving and building positive client relationships are among her areas of expertise. A graduate...
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