Indy Welcomes All

Coming Together to Support a Positive Community through Outreach, Print, and Legislative Voice

On March 26th, 2015 Indiana’s governor Mike Pence passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). As a result of this legislation, Indiana was placed in a negative national spotlight as being a community resistant to diversity. Many Indiana advocates, businesses and governmental agencies quickly stepped up to effectively raise their voices in support of diversity, while protesting this legislative change.


The Challenge

Many of Indiana’s economic development and tourism agencies came together to solve two major challenges – protecting Indiana against the economic impact of events and businesses rethinking their investments, and the immediate need for a legislative fix and public voice in government – that was reflective of Indiana resident’s true ideals.

Advocates including the Indy Chamber, IndyHub, Visit Indy, Downtown Indy, Indiana Sports Corp, TechPoint, Indiana Restaurant and Lodging Association, Indianapolis Urban League developed the “Indy Welcomes All” campaign. Its purpose was to proactively reinforce Indiana’s support of diversity and unite the community under one message.

With the 2015 NCAA Final Four occurring in Indianapolis one week after RFRA passed, the campaign development team knew they needed to get the Indy Welcomes All message on the street and downtown. They decided to print buttons, t-shirts and stickers so the general public could wear the message, and local businesses could reinforce they “welcome all.”


The Fineline Solution

Rafael Sanchez, a board member of the Indy Chamber and VP of Development and Legal Affairs at Fineline Printing Group, knew Fineline would be excited to support the advancement of this message and had the chops to quickly, and effectively get it done in a short amount of time.

The Indy Welcomes All campaign development team turned to Fineline and their Account Manager of Promotional Products & Apparel, Kim Ramirez, to support in the production and distribution of promotions around their message.


The Outcome

Through continual communication and committing additional hours, Fineline was able to produce all of the following items with an unbelievable 2-day turnaround.

  • 10,000 T-shirts
  • 20,000 Buttons
  • 500 Window Stickers
  • 4 Car Decals
  • 5 Event Banners


The Indy Chamber was thrilled with our support, stating the following:

“Fineline had the ability to get things done quickly. We realized a lot of what we were asking was above and beyond, and we appreciated the partnership and work with urgency and continually changing needs. Everything was fantastic!”

- Jessica Higdon Director, Marketing and Communications at Indy Chamber

After printing these items, they were distributed through local businesses, the NCAA media baskets and public facilities.

“Altogether, production and distribution was truly a shared effort by Fineline employees, individuals who helped with distribution, and companies who served as hubs. This campaign was not only sharing Indy’s message for a positive community but was modeling it.”

- Brian Elskus, Client Services Representative


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