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About American Senior Communities

Since 2000, American Senior Communities (ASC) has provided senior care with excellent outcomes. Indiana-owned and operated with communities around Indiana and Kentucky, ASC incorporates Hoosier hospitality in all that they do. When it came to sourcing a print and fulfillment partner who could handle their growing number of locations, they wanted to be valued as they value each of their customers. And they found what they were looking for with Fineline's team.


The Challenge

Growing its healthcare and senior divisions to over 100 communities had its pain points. ASC's printed materials include internally and externally-facing communications, including just about anything on paper stock, including brochures, flyers, signage, banners, and HR booklets. 

They often wouldn't know if a location needed an item until they were out of it and could not order from the home office to send out to communities. There was a lot of manual work involved with their eProcurement system, and their printing company was having difficulty keeping up with their growing needs at the time. Projects would get missed, and it became more time-consuming to manage communication than it was worth.


The Fineline Solution

Fineline provided a dedicated Senior Account Manager and a print production team who could get all the work done in-house no matter how many locations needed service. Fineline implemented several initiatives, including:

  • A new and improved eProcurement system where individual locations and the corporate office can easily place orders for printed materials from a user-friendly online storefront
  • Integration between their storefront and their existing Procurement Platform (DSSI) to help break down invoicing into billing cycles for their accounting team and distribute payments across all 100 locations seamlessly
  • Inventory management with low stock alerts
  • A single responsive point of contact to communicate bi-weekly about project statuses
  • A friendly and responsive team to quickly resolve any problems that arise
  • A variety of print services from one printing partner (large format, finishing, fulfillment, inventory management, you name it)

The Outcome

ASC now has a streamlined system to get each location precisely what it needs when they need it. Regular inventory updates mean they don’t run out of important print materials, and they can proactively re-order exactly what they need and receive materials in a timely manner. The system is able to handle the complexities of their business, including a variety of community types with unique needs and complex billing cycles with taxable and non-taxable statuses.

With 89 communities using the storefront and about 300 users with ordering capabilities, ASC is confident that they have found a printing company that can continue to grow with them and "knock it out of the park."

"The people and the team are why we chose Fineline and why we continue to stay with Fineline … [Our Senior Account Manager] is very friendly and trustworthy, and he understands and cares about our account … It feels like he gets up every day and thinks," What can I do for American Senior Communities?"

         – Elaine Benken, American Senior Communities

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