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HIPAA Certified Print Programs Generate Record Numbers for Healthcare Clients

With the rapidly changing landscape of healthcare and compliancy, it is critical to ensure all of your service partners are experienced and certified to ensure your healthcare organization is able to meet deadlines in an accurate way.

Over the past decade, Fineline Printing Group has partnered with numerous healthcare companies and proven itself as an industry expert offering certified staff, technology, equipment and resources to provide print & fulfillment services to full compliance standards. One example includes an Indiana-based healthcare provider comprised of over 20 facilities and 2M annual outpatient visits, who partners with Fineline for all its print projects because of this expertise and timeliness.


The Challenge

When this major healthcare provider first came to Fineline, they required a print partner with prior program management experience in Healthcare & HIPAA regulated processes and the ability to meet high-volume and unanticipated delivery deadlines.

This meant that their new partner must have capabilities to print and mail compliant packages, both ongoing and on-demand. It was especially critical for this partner to meet short-notice delivery deadlines due to an ongoing partnership with a contingent marketing firm that specializes in Call Center services.

 The Fineline Solution

Fineline was able to solve these challenges by applying healthcare industry best practices and experience, and using dedicated staff, process and equipment with the ability to expand or shrink depending on client demand.

Fineline’s HIPAA certified employees oversaw and managed this complex process, preventing disclosure of highly confidential information, such as personal health information, throughout the entire print & fulfillment project. This included secure electronic transmissions, complex data programming and IT infrastructure to keep the integrity of all individual mailers, ensuring production of member materials such as ID cards were not visible to non-certified personnel in the facility or externally. Lastly, these processes guaranteed that every recipient received the correct information, preventing the disclosure of personal information to the wrong recipient.

They then applied this process to this healthcare provider’s daily, weekly, monthly and expedited projects - that arise as a result of State Government or plan changes. Over the three years in working with this healthcare provider, Fineline has accomplished 99% on-time delivery and 100% project fulfillment.

Most importantly, they have shared how..

“depending on a print partner and being able to trust that the job will get done in a compliant way and on-time, is priceless to our membership base and successful business model.”


The Outcome

After this healthcare provider worked with a previous print vendor for 20 years, Fineline has now proven its expertise and is the sole print & fulfillment partner for this client.

In the 4th quarter of 2014, Fineline mailed over 1.5 million pieces in just under 3 months and enabled this client to reach a record number of health plan renewals and new members for the coming year.


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