Digital Asset Management

Meet Fineline’s Creative Companion™

When you need to manage, find and share digital files and creative content among partners, offices, cities, or across the country, Fineline’s Creative Companion™ offers a great solution. Using your Creative Companion storefront, you can find, share and manage content. Designed for brand-driven corporations, advertising agencies, and non-profits, Creative Companion saves significant time and resources by eliminating lengthy searches for the “right” content. All data files are up to date and easy to find, cataloging your content and providing a robust dataset on which to search.

Fineline helps you set up this custom, centralized, digital storefront to house all approved, shareable media — including photos, logos, illustrations, video, and audio – on both MAC and PC platforms. An unlimited number of users can access these resources. And because you can change and repurpose a graphic’s size, resolution, file type or color to suit your needs, you’ll eliminate the need for expensive graphics software for non-design staff users.

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