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Top 3 Ways to Create the Best “Unboxing Experience”

By Danielle Miller | May 3, 2022

Creating a great first impression with your brand is more important than ever.   In a world defined by virtual and digital interactions, tactile experiences are a delight to the senses. When sending a box, who says packaging has to be boring? Use “boxes within boxes,” special coatings, and inserts to create a memorable unboxing…

Save Money with Address Correction Services

By Fineline News | March 14, 2022

Returned Mail and Associated Costs When a mail piece is returned to you as “undeliverable as addressed” (UAA), what does it cost you? It’s not just the design, production, and mailing costs, although those are important, too. There are other, hidden costs that balloon your costs even higher. Fortunately, with a few proactive steps, you…

4 Best Practices for Overcoming Paper Shortages

By Lisa Young | February 18, 2022

As you are sure to have noticed, there is an industrywide shortage of paper. This is a challenge facing businesses and marketers from Boston to Los Angeles. The shortage is not just affecting paper for direct mail and commercial printing services, it’s affecting everything from envelopes to wide-format signage. There is an end in sight,…