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Fineline Director of Technology Guy Vreeman provides some background information about one healthcare client:

“This healthcare system has more than 20 statewide affiliates. They provide more than 145,000 patients each year with access to health services through an allied network of hospitals and community health centers throughout the state. This Fineline customer asked us to help find a solution to consolidate, organize and share their widespread, high-volume corporate printing needs.”


The Challenge

Prior to selecting Fineline, this healthcare client managed its assets manually from an internal file server. When any of their many internal or external marketing departments needed a file, logo or a photo, they would call, e-mail or fax their request to a creative services division. Requests ranged from exact file names to vague requests for branded assets based on topic. As this healthcare client grew, this antiquated system was no longer workable. They required a solution that was web-based, accessible 24/7 and did not add to their already overloaded IT department.

An additional challenge/opportunity was timing. The onboarding of this project coincided with a corporate name change and re-brand. Because of their complete rebranding project, many files and printed pieces became obsolete, so it was an excellent time to ‘wipe the slate clean’ and install a new marketing asset management system.


The Fineline Solution

Fortunately for this healthcare client, Fineline’s Finelink™ offered a great solution to their needs. By adapting Finelink to meet their specific needs, Fineline was able to help them find, update, manage, and share content across various software platforms, agencies, satellite offices, and hospital centers. Fineline’s Finelink uses a robust cloud-based digital asset search capability to accomplish this seamlessly.

Fineline setup a customized, centralized, digital storefront to house all approved shareable media from photos, logos, illustrations and video, to brochures, annual reports, business cards, and signage. The Fineline project involved project consultation to set up their approved user groups, and provide them with training to access the system.

In addition:
  • Finelink provided user and group level access to brand management controls (ie, expiration dates on assets, versioning).
  • Because the healthcare client users locate assets based on metadata (data about data), Finelink was custom-developed to meet the needs of their data standards.
  • The new system also allowed anonymous access to ease the transfer of digital assets to individuals outside the system, so access expiration dates were set up to control this access.
  • Their system also had to integrate metadata with Adobe and conform to IPTC tagging standards.

The Outcome

Finelink became a huge benefit to storing/maintaining approximately 5,000 marketing assets for them. It also solved many problems and offered several unexpected benefits. Because Finelink allows users to change and repurpose a graphic’s size, resolution, file type or color to suit the needs of the user (all within brand standards), they were able to save substantially on outside designing costs. Staff requirements have been reduced, as have overall ad agency expenses in asset and brand management services.

Finelink also satisfied requests for files, ordering printed material and information in a much more timely fashion, saving hospitals and patients time – invaluable when it comes to health.

Fineline is a much-valued Healthcare marketing communications partner, helping this client as necessary to grow their system to meet the continually changing needs of government and insurance regulation as well as the health needs of their patients.

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