“Byrider is a leading used car and finance company in business for more than 25 years. They have 165 locations across the country and have sold more than one million vehicles. Their business is targeted towards those with lower incomes who need a dependable, low-cost vehicle, but struggle with poor credit. Byrider has been a top Fineline client and partner for the past ten years. They work with us in a true partnership, trusting us to come up with creative, results-driven ways to meet their goals.”

-Rich Mathiesen, Fineline account Representative


The Challenge

  • Byrider recently rebranded and needed to update all store marketing materials and signage, nationwide
  • They are growing franchises rapidly and needed a way to get all new materials to new locations quickly and dependably
  • All new and existing locations needed to have new branding materials simultaneously, hitting all locations to coincide with their new branding media launch
  • Pricing for printing, shipping and boxing had to be competitive


The Fineline Solution

Because of our ten-year partnership, Byrider knew they could rely on us to come up with a way to print and drop ship all newly branded materials safely (with no damage or re-sends) to all 165 locations at the same time.

To get the job done, Fineline had three months to work. Here’s what we did:

  • Updated and printed new posters, window clings, banners and signage
  • While printing was being completed, our account rep team met with custom box assemblers to develop two safe “kits” to transport all materials across the country without damage
  • Research was done to find the ideal freight transportation carrier to deliver these boxes so that each shipment hit each location on the same day


The Outcome

  • 330 kits (2 custom boxes for each location) were assembled, packed by Fineline team, and quality-checked for accuracy
  • Retail location addresses were verified and freight transportation fleets were sent out with boxes to 48 states
  • Byrider met their deadline for every one of their 165 locations
  • Delivery to each location was successful and on time
  • Fineline provided an internal audit to Byrider including delivery on time rates and pricing metrics
  • Fineline continues to use this proven kit and freight system to deliver seasonal event marketing programs to all J.D. Byrider locations several times each year.


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