Brand Management

Infographic: Build Brand Momentum with Content Marketing

Get on the content marketing train!

Full steam ahead with Content Marketing! What is content marketing? Content marketing is a process that provides relevant and useful information to your prospects and customers to help them address their important challenges. Unlike traditional marketing efforts such as sales collateral and product specific information, content marketing consists of educational articles, e-books, videos, and webinars that…

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Crash Course: Defining Today’s Marketing Vehicles & How They Work For You

Your Marketing Crash Course Here Written by Michael J. Pallerino Three marketing experts weigh in on what’s working today and why these vehicles can make a difference in your company: Email Marketing automation tools allow for the ability to nurture and qualify prospects and customers with progressive profiling paths that advance a contact through the buyers’ journey with relevant stage-appropriate content, increasing…

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Marketing in the Connection Age

Engaging in the new age of communication Written By Charles Lunan Like the Information Age and the Industrial Age before it, the Connection Age has not changed the fundamental purpose of marketing, which is knowing your customers. If there is one lesson marketers have learned over the decades, it’s that all the marketing, creativity and media dollars in the world are no match for a…

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