MBE Printing Company

How to Increase Competitive Advantage Using MBE Vendors

The benefits of working with minority owned businesses range from speeding up innovation to increasing brand awareness and loyalty among customers with shared values. Finding a vendor mature enough to handle advanced needs can be challenging. As an MBE, we sometimes see internal stakeholders get skeptical about switching to a new vendor and sustaining success.…

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Speed healthcare member enrollment in less than 4 steps

Offset Printing

Healthcare is complicated enough as it is—members, providers, eligibility, enrollment, not to mention near-constant change in regulations. The industry is filled with enough acronyms and nomenclature to rival a dictionary. These variables can become (costly) thorns in the side of marketing executives and their ability to speed healthcare member enrollment. State regulations require all healthcare…

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Fineline’s President to Speak at Purdue’s 12th Annual Relationships to Partnerships Sessions

Richard Miller, President and Owner of Fineline, is excited to serve on a panel at Purdue University’s annual Relationships to Partnerships Sessions on November 18. Richard will help discuss the key elements of finding and securing contracts. As a minority-owned, family business, Richard Miller started Fineline Printing Group to further client businesses through the impact…

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What’s Your Story?

  Stories unite us. Before the advent of writing, we scribbled drawings on rocks and cave walls and told tales to one another. There’s a reason storytelling has continued over time. There’s a reason stories have been passed down from generation to generation. Stories accomplish many things. They entertain us, spur thinking, teach lessons, share…

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Fineline Printing Group Celebrates 35 Years in Business

By Owner & President, Richard Miller Founded in 1981, Fineline Printing Group is celebrating 35 years in business this year! “We are so pleased to be celebrating 35 years in business and are honored to be a minority and family owned organization with over 70 employees. Not only is our success due to the great…

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