How to Ensure Security Compliance with USPS Secure Mailing

Variable data printing is excellent for building customer relationships. It allows organizations to customize and target communications, giving them a personal touch. However, handling customers’ private data also poses a security risk. Industries, such as healthcare, insurance, finance, and education frequently mail sensitive information to members and customers. They must ensure compliance with specific state and federal laws to maintain their reputation and relationships with their customers.

The easiest way to ensure compliance is to work with a commercial printing and mailing partner recognized by the USPS’s Full-Service Certification program. The list of certified Mail Service Providers (MSPs) is updated regularly and provides details on certifications and services offered.

As a certified MSP and high-volume printer sending tens of thousands of secure mailings through the USPS on any given day, Fineline follows six steps to ensure data security, from handling and printing data to mailing it.

Six Steps to Ensure Security Compliance with USPS


  1. Data Transfer: Securely transfer data from the customer via encrypted IT systems.
  2. Secure Storage: Store protected data only in highly secured areas with strict access-control standards.
  3. Integrity and Validation: Scan, track, validate, and ensure that each mail piece is packaged correctly and inserted into the correct envelope using industry-standard barcode software and multiple validation processes.
  4. Production: Barcode utilization and use of controlled video surveillance on the printing and mailing job floor to protect data at all times.
  5. Mailing: Observe all industry standards and security protocols from data receipt through production to the final transfer of custody to USPS.
  6. Ongoing Training: Rigorously train IT and production personnel on HIPAA regulations, Fraud, Waste & Abuse (FWA) and compliance best practices for sensitive data and personal information.

Questions to Ask your Printing/Mailing Company to Ensure Data Security

Frequent updates and changing regulations mean many companies must heavily rely on their printing and mailing providers to keep up to date on compliance and security protocols. If your variable data printing needs include mailing secure or private information, ensure your printer’s expertise by asking a few essential questions regarding their security measures.

Are you, your mailing and fulfillment staff HIPAA and privacy certified? HIPAA Compliance certified printers have been trained and tested in the standards of the Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules of HIPAA to prevent the improper use or disclosure of your customers’/members’/patients’ health information.



Are you SOC2 Type2 certified? SOC2 Type2 certification signifies the printer has implemented proper security systems to ensure the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of customer data. It also indicates they’ve had a 3rd party accounting firm test and confirm these systems are working.



Are you Publication 1075 compliant? Publication 1075 compliance indicates the printer follows standards and guidelines protecting Federal Tax Information (FTI). While there is no certification for this compliance, your printer should be able to tell you the safeguards they use to protect this personal data.


Stay Secure with Fineline

Fineline Printing Group takes security and compliance seriously, with a dedicated data, security, and compliance director continuously updating critical policies and procedures. As a SOC2 Type2 Certified organization, physical security, access controls, print and mail operational controls, and data privacy controls keep your customer, member, or patient data safe and secure.

Fineline adheres to strict information security policies and procedures encompassing customer data security and confidentiality. Our trained and certified experts have decades of experience handling complex variable data and secure printing and mailing projects. Contact us to discuss your secure mailing needs with our team today.

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