Meet Fineline’s New Director of Sales & Client Services, Beth Coleman Valdettaro: An All-Around Expert

“Fineline is more than excited to welcome Beth Coleman Valdettaro to our leadership team as Director of Sales and Client Services. With Beth’s years of experience in sales and management of print communications teams, she truly marries the goals of both clients and Fineline services – to create a positive experience for everyone.”

– Lisa Young, Chief Operations Officer at Fineline Printing Group

See what Beth has to say about her new role and upcoming goals:

Q: What are some big accomplishments you have managed to achieve in your “past-life” professionally?

A: A notable accomplishment, well aligned with Fineline, is my experience at Multi Packaging Solutions as Director of Digital Technology. I worked on launching a digital, variable print facility for a top client, and went on to help them manage their warehousing and fulfillment resources. I was also able to double sales revenue within 18 months while Chief Operations Officer at Burkhart Marketing Associates.

Q: How is your new position well aligned to Fineline’s culture and value as a print partner?

A: In managing Fineline’s sales and service professionals, I am able to integrate the finest industry talent, the team’s genuine desire to exceed expectations, together with quality communication and marketing products. Performance, offerings, and innovation at this level will contribute to Fineline’s ongoing goals of providing solutions-driven printing with a customer-focused approach.

Q: What are the three biggest impacts your new position will serve?


1. Expertise in Offset and Digital Print Communications for National Accounts
2. Client Marketing Strategy
3. Teambuilding & Performance Metric Management

Q: What do these areas of expertise mean for Fineline clients?

A: I am excited at the opportunity to use my skill-set and experience to support our local and national account base. I also view myself as a kind of “lead advocate” for clients in that I will oversee success metrics, and provide marketing recommendations based on data-driven performance. Having been a customer of Fineline, I fully understand client needs. Now as part of the Fineline sales and services team, I already feel a positive cultural fit and I’m hopeful to strengthen our expertise between sales and delivery.


Meet Beth:

BethVBeth has more than 30 years of experience in working with clients on print communications, marketing strategy and national account management. She has previously been in leadership roles in companies like Burkhart Marketing Associates and The Hennegan Company, where she utilized her expertise in offset and digital print manufacturing, project management, sales, and marketing.

Beth holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and History from Indiana University.

Beth’s passion is building and managing positive team environments, while continually evolving with industry demand and encouraging innovation. Outside the office, Beth enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and gardening.


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