Multi-Generational Marketing: Targeting The Millennials

By Jill Wangler, Director of Marketing


At 76 million strong, Millennials are the most marketed to generation ever. Spawned by Baby Boomers having kids later plus the offspring of many Generation Xers, they are the next “Boom.”

If you promote technology, fashion, philanthropic causes, natural or organic products, etc., understand this cohort.

They are optimistic while also realistic and pragmatic. They are motivated, goal-oriented, and self reliant. An interesting blend of previous generations, they are loyal (Traditionalist), confident (Boomer), and skeptical (Gen X).

When looking at your 2013 marketing strategy for this group:

  • Use technology wherever and whenever you can.
  • Invest in the resources needed to respond quickly: within seconds or minutes. If it’s next day, you’re too late.
  • Offer guarantees, pay later options, or monthly payment plans.
  • Emphasize—or better yet—tie in your values of diversity, inclusivity, and environmental sustainability with your brand.
  • Position your brand as an instrument of change

So, tactically, how could this look for your marketing program?

  • Lose the serious tone; create communications that are fun and optimistic.
  • Focus on the future; appeal to their values of making the future—and the world—abetter place.
  • Give them multiple ways to respond, react, and interact with your brand.
  • Over stimulate: they are easily bored and experts at multi-tasking.

Word of mouth is your best bet for influencing Millennials. So make sure social media is your go-to bow in your quiver. YouTube and mobile-optimized web pages are key. SMS text mail has outpaced email as the preferred medium. Believe it or not, they love print and direct mail….just make sure to communicate your social channels there as well.

Millennials are the trendsetters and their attitudes are indicators of more widespread future trends. Paying attention will give marketers the insights to tomorrow’s opportunities.

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