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Supporting our community has been a priority for Fineline for 40 years. One way we have expanded our impact beyond our own efforts is sponsoring local organizations, including International Center, The Lord’s Table at Anna’s House and the Indiana Conference for Women.

Indiana Conference for Women

Our long time sponsorship of the Indiana Conference for Women allows us to provide event materials and signage for their annual conference.  This event brings thousands of women together each year in downtown Indianapolis.  It features female keynote speakers with a diverse range of accomplishments.  Award winning authors, actresses and celebrities, entrepreneurs and international activists provide for a day full of powerful insights and light hearted moments.

As the largest one-day professional development conference in the Midwest, the Indiana Conference for Women exists to serve the community, provide resources for professional development, and inspire generations of people to make a difference. The co-founders Billie Dragoo-Garcia and Deborah Collins Stephens say of the Conference, “It’s encouraging to see so many women from so many walks of life and so many different backgrounds come together to create change that’s positive for communities, for children, and for education. It’s really inspiring.” Together, we are unlimited.   Rachelle Bennington, Fineline’s eProcurement Developer attended the conference in 2019 and here’s what she had to say. “It was a true inspiration to see so many self-made women who have worked so hard, all together enjoying a day of empowerment.”


Women at Fineline 

To shine a light on not only our sponsorship of this terrific event, but also the women who work at Fineline, this year the ICFW produced a video featuring Fineline and the women who make a difference.  Women make up 32% of Fineline’s workforce, with women in every area of the company from executive management, to finance, IT/development, shipping, customer service and manufacturing.   According to a study by the Center for Creative Leadership and Watermark having more women in the workplace improved job satisfaction for both women and men.  Fineline understands this dynamic and the many other benefits of having women represented throughout the facility.


2021 Conference


This year’s conference will be held on November 3rd at the Indiana Convention Center. Attendees can participate live in person or virtually through a live feed.

Keynote speakers include:

·         TARAJI P. HENSON  – Actor, Writer, Producer, and Director

·         JAMEELA JAMIL – Actress, Performer, and Activist

·         MAE WHITMAN – Award-Winning Actress

Breakout Session Leaders:

EMILY BALCETIS – Associate Professor of Psychology

MICHELLE KING – UN Women’s Global Innovation Coalition for Change

TARA SCHUSTER – VP of Talent and Development Comedy Central


To purchase tickets, visit https://www.showclix.com/event/icfw2021

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