Finelink 2.0 Overview


Finelink_logo_NEW_webFineline Printing Group is excited to announce the release of Finelink 2.0 – available from early 2016.

Our original Finelink offering began as an online document management and print-on-demand technology customized for Fineline clients to streamline processes and make ordering printed communications easier to complete, process and track.

Now, the evolution of our offering is Finelink 2.0 & it does all of that and more. Think of it as solutions-driven printing with a customer-focused approach – online!  It’s an extension of the service you’re already used to receiving with the simplicity of an online platform.


Finelink 2.0_Print Marketing

Want to know more? Download our Finelink 2.0 overview below to learn:

– What Finelink 2.0 is and why it is part of Fineline’s mission

– How Finelink 2.0 saves time and costs associated with print communications in your business

– How Finelink 2.0 makes your executives and team’s jobs easier

– Dynamic upgrades to editing and collaboration tools from Finelink 1.0 to 2.0

– How this technology can provide internal approval processes with a “click of a mouse”



I am exploring different printers for future use with my clients.

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