10 Ways to Make an Impact on Key Customers

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Impact: Going deeper than data

10 Ways to Make an Impact on Key Customers

By Lorrie Bryanimpact_blog-image

No. 1

Create a Customer Advisory Board and invite your best customers to join

No. 2

Look for opportunities to visit with your best customer at his place of business

No. 3

Invite your best customers to visit your facility and show them how you operate

No. 4

Provide your best customers with valuable content on an ongoing basis

No. 5

Customize your products or services to add unique value for your best customers

No. 6

Be responsive and readily available to your best customers

No. 7

Offer remarkable customer service that exceeds their expectations

No. 8

Anticipate their needs and be solution oriented rather than product oriented

No. 9

Know their industries, know their companies and understand what is important to them personally

No. 10

Be authentic, take a genuine interest in your customers, and facilitate their success


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Featured in Connect Magazine, September/October 2015.

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