Corporate Event Planning: How Destination Promotions Can Motivate Teams and Make Company Trips Unforgettable

Written by Kim Ramirez, Senior Account Manager, Promotional Products and Apparel Division

As we roll into the fourth-quarter what is everyone thinking about?  Not turkey dinners and mistletoe – Hawaii!  Many companies Fineline works with are now thinking about meeting quotas so they qualify for their annual employee trips.  Now is the time owners and event planners are looking at how to make that trip extra special.

While we know that sales, customer loyalty and employee travel incentives increase overall growth rate and revenue, many business owners and event coordinators are stumped on how to promote and accommodate with promotions, before and during their trip.  Fineline’s Senior Account Manager of Promotional Products & Apparel Promotions, Kim Ramirez, always advises that “if you are going to invest in flying a group of employees to a destination, promotional awareness before and during your trip will extend the experience (and motivate performance).”

These are ways you can use promotional items to:

Encourage employees to meet quotas with a set of 2 luggage tags.


Build momentum and excitement leading up to a trip with a desk calendar with images of the destination and keep important dates!


Supply convenience and comfort during travel with a travel comfort kit.


Provide a luxury room drop and welcome package with a nice set of headphones.


Encourage involvement during activities with a polo shirt.


Preparing for your next company trip or incentive program? Don’t hesitate to contact us or view our promo products and apparel page to get a head start on ideas.

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