Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Why You Need to Get to Know Your Customers Personally

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5 Ways to Focus on Your Client

By Jamar Laster

  1. Get “in the dirt” with them.

    Go to their offices or operations and observe what they do. Talk with executives, staff, clients and partners. Attend events that they host. “Get to know them on a personal level, and see what they do and how they do it,” says Bill Corbett Jr., president of Corbett Public Relations Inc.

  2. Mold products and services to meet customer needs.

    Using customer insight and intelligence, deliver value based on customer experiences that really address their needs and desires, says Liz Miller, senior VP of marketing for the CMO Council.

  3. Talk to them across channels.

    The social media channel is important for getting acquainted with your client, Miller says, but remember that you’re dealing with today’s Omni-channel customer. “Social media is important, but so is the live feedback that comes from websites or the voice that comes from customer-service channels, and so is sales,” she says.

  4. Get to know their industries and markets.

    Look at competitors and share your relevant findings, Corbett says. “This is proactive and often helpful in developing marketing strategies or finding opportunities.”

  5. Have a plan for tracking and working with clients.

    This is particularly important if you are a service provider. Create a calendar with themes, action items, events and activities, all the while communicating regularly and setting goals, Corbett says. “All parties must agree to the plan and system for assessing successes and achievements.”


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