Is Social Media Part of Your Marketing Plan?

By Randy Clark, Director of Communications, TKO Graphix 

socialmedia_likeNot long ago, I attended a local Chamber of Commerce speed meeting. If you haven’t done this, it’s just like it sounds. Each member spent two minutes sharing, then moved to the next participant.

Most of the members offered a brief elevator pitch – who they were, what their organization did, and how they could help our business. I took a little different approach. I introduced myself, then asked if they use social media in marketing. I explained my passion for social media marketing and asked how I could help their efforts.

I heard, “We tried Facebook but it didn’t work for us” and “Twitter is for finding out what Lady Gaga had for lunch, not for business” or “It’s not suited to B2B.” I shared a few suggestions and offered to help, but the most interesting answer I heard was, “We’ve stopped all of our marketing and only do Facebook now!”

Any of these strategies almost guarantee missed opportunities. Social media works best when integrated with advertising, promotions, and traditional marketing. Here’s How TKO Graphix Integrated Social Media into its Marketing Plan.

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