Predicting the Future of Marketing Programs

Guest Blogger Feature

By Randy Clark, Director of Communications, TKO Graphix

Have you ever tried to predict the future? How did you do? Did your predictions come true or were you off base? Predicting is difficult to say the least. Forecasting the future is a challenge in any discipline, but especially in marketing, which is changing so fast it’s hard to keep up. The trouble is – marketers are expected to predict the future. Agencies and marketing departments alike are charged with knowing what advertising methods will appeal to a specific demographic for a particular product or service. Contrary to what some may believe, there is no marketing crystal ball.  The best marketing practices include analyzing trends, staying abreast of new techniques, and looking to the past. As in most professions, studying past successes can teach us a lot, especially when the techniques have been modernized.  Here are 4 old school “new” marketing techniques to watch in 2013. 


To read more, visit Randy’s full blog and add to the discussion.  What methods are working for you so far in 2013?

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