Q&A with Mayur Ramgir: The Art of Being Intimate – And Why It Matters Today

The art of being intimate – and why it matters today

Mayur Ramgir has seen it too many times with the brands he works with. When a company first starts out, it is likely to know its customers on a first name basis. But as it grows, it loses that personal touch. The brand, more oftentimes than not, starts marketing their brand with one-too-many strategies.

More and more brands today are taking note of the significant difference made when they make an effort to add another layer of value for their customers. But, Ramgir admits, achieving customer intimacy is easier said than done.

In the Technology Age, Ramgir believes that one of the true keys to success is maintaining a valued level of intimacy with your customers. The serial-entrepreneur, award-winning author and founder of Zonopact says that building intimacy with their customers is the best way to keep them coming back for more, as well as getting more customers in the door.

We caught up to Ramgir to get his thoughts on the art of building intimacy and why brands of any size must make this a daily priority.

What is the true importance of customer intimacy?

Customer-intimate businesses bring a fresh new perspective. Creating customer intimacy means that you’re able to get closer to your clients. This personal relationship, in turn, enables your business to deliver better customer satisfaction by providing customers with tailored services. A customer-intimate business can detect unsuspected problems before they arise, recognize unrealized potential and create a synergy with the help of their customers. Sadly, there are many businesses out there that have not been able to create the environment that allows them to scale intimately.

What have been the roadblocks?

There are many factors. While technology has turned into an indispensable tool for businesses, it has also proven to be a bane when it comes to scaling intimately. Traditionally, businesses have relied heavily on technology and innovation to gain a competitive edge. But this integration of relentless technological advancements, coupled with global competition has shifted the focus from customer intimacy to service. And while this service-focused competitive strategy has worked well for some companies, there are numerous others that have fallen short of achieving customer value creation.

How do we connect with a consumer that can hide behind technology? 

Nowadays, consumers can buy just about anything online. With a simple click of a button, we can order items and book services from the comfort of our homes, without even knowing what the owner of the store looks like. While this process has made it extremely easy for consumers to buy what they need within the least amount of time, it doesn’t do much from the business’s point of view, since they are unable to develop an emotional bond with their customers.

In a way, technology has created a wall between companies and the customers, which keeps businesses from enjoying the intimate relationship one would experience when visiting any brick and mortar store. While using technology allows businesses to send emails and newsletters directly to their customer’s inbox, it cannot be compared to the one-on-one experience of a face-to-face engagement.

What is the secret to success in building trusting relationships?

Trust and respect are two pillars of any business strategy, because without it, there would not be a reason to move any further toward creating new outlets or offering more products on your existing website. If your customers don’t trust you, or feel they are not being respected, your business is as good as dead.

How do we build that bridge today? 

When it comes to building a level of customer intimacy, businesses have to focus on the little things, as they make their customers feel like they are getting the intimacy they deserve from their company. The key to being successful in providing intimacy is to make it a priority, a core of your business values which, in turn, will give you a great customer service reputation.

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