Quick Response (QR) Codes: Part 2

More tips to make them work for your marketing campaign

By Jill Wangler, Director of Marketing

My previous post stressed the importance of making the code be part of your call to action and not the focal part of your communication. It also emphasized the importance of the code’s destination being one that is relevant to your offer and optimized for a Smartphone. Here, I offer three more tidbits to consider:

Get Personal

QR Codes can be personalized! Just like a PURL (personal URL or landing page), your QR code can be variable and each user’s landing page can be customized to them. Anything on the page can change, driven by the data you have on your customer. This includes text, offers, incentives, options, images, and colors—all things that can be tailored to their specific demographics, needs, interests, goals, etc. And we all know that the more relevant the message, the better response.

Another thing to know about variable QR Codes is that you can get an email alert so you know 1) who scanned it; 2) when they did it; and 3) what they did (clicked and entered)—in real time! This gives you good insight into interest levels—information which your sales people will appreciate having.


Include information about what the QR Code is and how to download a reader. Not everyone knows what to do. It is also helpful to have visuals of a smart phone and actually referencing the word “Smart Phone” since traditional (or feature) phones don’t have the technology to scan the codes.


Test the QR Code prior to printing. Make sure there is enough contrast between the background and the code and there is enough “quiet space” around it. And make sure it is big enough given the typical distance from where someone will scan it. The more complex the code, the bigger you will want it.

Test the landing pages from multiple phones. Mobile is a unique access channel to the web so make sure you are proofing your campaign from the devices that will be used in the real world.

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