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Healthcare is complicated enough as it is—members, providers, eligibility, enrollment, not to mention near-constant change in regulations. The industry is filled with enough acronyms and nomenclature to rival a dictionary. These variables can become (costly) thorns in the side of marketing executives and their ability to speed healthcare member enrollment.

State regulations require all healthcare marketing materials to comply with content standards and deadlines. Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) with outdated content incur thousands of dollars in fines. Simple solution, right? Keep the materials compliant and meet the deadlines, you might say. Ask any healthcare CMO and you might be seeing a different side of the story. This is healthcare after all. Like trigonometry or calculus or trying to iron your shirt, the solution is never so simple. (Okay, maybe that last one’s just me?)

Here’s the rub: the government can issue daily policy changes. That’s right–Daily.

Policy changes affect marketing materials, and Managed Care Organizations face an ultimatum: keep reps in the field with noncompliant materials and be fined, or stop sales until the materials are updated, printed, and distributed—only to face compliance issues again.

Full 12-step process for healthcare new member enrollment before Finelink 2.0:

Speed Healthcare Member Enrollment before Finelink 2.0

Meet Tim, an accomplished CMO of a nationally ranked managed care organization:

For years Tim budgeted for compliance fees because it was impossible to keep up. Launching a new multi-state expansion, Tim was under pressure to equip sales reps with compliant marketing materials ahead of open enrollment. The search began. Tim performed a needs assessment around growth strategy and team structure. Resulting in a group of certified experts equipped to scale member enrollment and client management.

Tim quickly realized streamlining logistics would speed healthcare member enrollment. Not to mention give them the advantage over other Managed Care Organizations. Finelink 2.0 led the charge and changed the way Tim tackled sales and marketing. Quickly and without paying fines. Tim doubled new member enrollment and took sales processes from 12-steps down to 4 with Finelink.

How to speed healthcare member enrollment with 4-steps and Finelink 2.0:

Speed Healthcare Member Enrollment Steps after Finelink 2.0

In reducing time to print on compliant marketing materials, Finelink managed Tim’s team consulting approach in the below areas:

CRM Integration

  • Real-time shipping and lead management
  • Full life-of-the-lead tracking from direct mail > web > sales follow-up

Inventory Management and Shipping

  • Real-time snapshot of inventory
  • Direct mail tracking

Accounting and Budget Transparency

  • Budget approval process
  • Cost analysis by user, location, and department

Custom Storefront and Ecommerce Sites

  • Sales rep self-ordering of promotional items
  • Automated enrollment kit distribution
  • Initiated referral gifting process


  • HIPAA compliant and HITRUST ready with a secure facility
  • Equipped to handle Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • Employee HIPAA training

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