Stoking Creativity: Why the right brain ignites success

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Knock, knock. Who’s there? Creativity…

By Michael J. Pallerino

In his book, “The Innovative Sale,” Mark Donnolo shows how a left-brained thinking process helps generate right-brain innovation. Donnolo says companies need the structure of such a method to address the range of variables that challenge constraints such as time, product, price and organizational capabilities, among others.

Here are some actionable ideas that can help push you into a phase of discovering new ideas:

Get comfortable with feeling lost.
– Push beyond what you know.

Combine unrelated ideas.
– Find parallels from different sources.

Become a student of history.
– The past is a great source of parallels.

Produce an abundance of ideas.
– Think broadly beyond the status quo.

Think in divergent directions.
– Include variety in your ideas.

Know that less is more.
– Bring your solution to its essence.

Ask the right questions.
– Questions are more powerful than statements. Use them intentionally.

Check degrees of change.
– Understand how your idea will fit with and enhance the current state.

Assemble the right team.
– Define roles and include alternative views.

Collaborate as an individual.
– Avoid group thinking.

Understand other perspectives.
– Embrace diversity on your team.

Get comfortable with criticism.
– Expect the skeptics to divert you.

Don’t accept the accepted.
– Push beyond and ask why.

Walk away from the problem.
– Allow your mind to create new combinations and epiphany moments.

Grow with the flow.
– Don’t rush the process. Be patient and allow ideas to evolve.

Be persistent. Don’t be dissuaded by doubt.
– The best innovators encounter resistance.

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