Offset Printing Vs. Digital Printing

Offset Printing

Have you ever wondered how those beautiful brochures you hold in your hand get produced? Or how those flyers, folders, and postcards come out crisp and shiny? Printing is a complex process made up of several steps. A lot goes into those pieces we hold and admire–finishes, stocks, sizes, cuts, folds, binding. It’s as much…

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Crash Course: Defining Today’s Marketing Vehicles & How They Work For You

Your Marketing Crash Course Here Written by Michael J. Pallerino Three marketing experts weigh in on what’s working today and why these vehicles can make a difference in your company: Email Marketing automation tools allow for the ability to nurture and qualify prospects and customers with progressive profiling paths that advance a contact through the buyers’ journey with relevant stage-appropriate content, increasing…

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Featured Industry: Universities & Educational Systems

Tips from Fineline’s Mike Hehmann, Senior Account Manager In Fineline’s experience, as soon as a University’s students are back in session, it’s time to gear back up for recruitment and onboarding for the upcoming semester. Since the planning time for this industry is often slightly ahead of other clients, we thought it would be useful…

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