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Tips from Fineline’s Mike Hehmann, Senior Account Manager

In Fineline’s experience, as soon as a University’s students are back in session, it’s time to gear back up for recruitment and onboarding for the upcoming semester. Since the planning time for this industry is often slightly ahead of other clients, we thought it would be useful to share some of these industry best-practices that might be helpful as you begin your 2015 planning.

– Seek advice: Use an organization that can consult on data segmentation, media asset selection and postal regulations, as all of these are critical components to a successful admissions or donor campaign.

– Print-on-demand: For organizations with multiple locations, consider utilizing an online storefront to manage your printing needs in 2015. A system such as Fineline’s Finelink TM can allow you to provide customized materials in smaller runs on an as-needed basis. Also, using a print-as-needed approach can provide flexibility in messaging, and ultimately lower costs.

– Consider a business review: Evaluate your current trends and provide better forecasting systems in the upcoming year.

– Analyze your demographic data: Your Fineline representative can provide data to help you understand the preferences of your target audience, and recommend a solution that provides the best full-service outreach program available.

– Don’t forget personalization: Most donors and prospective students appreciate an individualized approach, resulting in better recruitment or dollars raised.

Obviously, many of these challenges are consistent across multiple industries. We’d love to hear from you! Which of these items do not apply to your organization? Are there any that we haven’t thought to include here?

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