Case Study: Lambda Chi Alpha

Phil Mikesell, Senior Account Manager, shares his experience with Lambda Chi Alpha:

Lambda-Chi_CaseStudy-300x300Recently Fineline received accolades through the Twitterverse that highlighted our ability to provide creative solutions to multiple organizations within a single industry. Although many aren’t aware, Fineline provides printing solutions to many Fraternities and Sororities, and our expertise allows us to provide benefit not only to the National Headquarters, but the local chapters as well.

What was the challenge that Fineline helped Lambda Chi Alpha solve?
Lambda Chi Alpha had multiple chapters that required print resources throughout the year, with fluctuating periods of high demand. Materials required include workbooks, constitution books, certificates, and even membership cards and lapel pins. Not only did Lambda Chi Alpha need to have full service printing options at a low price point, they also needed a partner who could flex to accommodate high-demand periods.

What solution did Fineline bring to the table?
Beyond providing the items required under budget, Fineline was also able to promote Finelink TM, our online storefront that provides 24/7 access to chapter organizations and reduces the time requirement for Lambda Chi Alpha headquarters to store and fulfill orders internally. This system also provides customized materials as needed, and can provide reporting for headquarters to better understand utilization and forecast budgets in the upcoming year.

What was the outcome of this solution?
In this scenario we provided a benefit that saves staff time, allowing Lambda Chi Alpha to provide membership services that go beyond print fulfillment. Although I think the client says it best with the following testimonial:

“Our old fulfillment system was antiquated and unreliable. We used interns, lost track of inventory, took days or sometimes weeks to complete orders, and had very limited inventory tracking. Finelink solved those problem and Phil Mikesell and his team facilitated a seamless integration/transfer to Finelink.  We now have a consistent, timely and reliable process. Additionally, we can run inventory reports that make our CFO very happy, especially during audit season.  The Finelink website portal is easy to use as well and includes features like a low inventory alert warning that safeguards us from falling behind on our orders.”

– Tad Lichtenauer, Director of Marketing & Communications

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