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Offset Printing Vs. Digital Printing

Offset Printing

Have you ever wondered how those beautiful brochures you hold in your hand get produced? Or how those flyers, folders, and postcards come out crisp and shiny? Printing is a complex process made up of several steps. A lot goes into those pieces we hold and admire–finishes, stocks, sizes, cuts, folds, binding. It’s as much…

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How to Stand Out in Your Education Marketing

Written by Bart Caylor, President and Founder, Caylor Solutions To Be Outstanding, You Have to Think More To stand out in any field, you have to understand the context. In education marketing, the context is to segment, be relevant, and anticipate the questions to provide the answers. Your goal as a marketer is to remove…

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Case Study: Lambda Chi Alpha

Phil Mikesell, Senior Account Manager, shares his experience with Lambda Chi Alpha: Recently Fineline received accolades through the Twitterverse that highlighted our ability to provide creative solutions to multiple organizations within a single industry. Although many aren’t aware, Fineline provides printing solutions to many Fraternities and Sororities, and our expertise allows us to provide benefit…

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Offset or Digital?

Consider these factors to get the best printed product at the best price. By Jill Wangler, Director of Marketing If you’re a CMO, print is a likely tactic in your overall communications plan. There are many options when manufacturing these products. Do you know enough to have an intelligent conversation with your managers, print procurement…

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