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Higher Education Branding as Storytelling

Written by Bart Caylor, President and Founder, Caylor Solutions Eric Hoover and Beckie Supiano wrote a Chronicle of Higher Education article entitled “In Admissions, Old Playbook is Being Revised.” The article was a good discussion on the pros and cons of traditional strategies of enrollment marketing: increasing the size of the applicant pool; expanding recruitment to far-flung states; discounting…

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How to Stand Out in Your Education Marketing

Written by Bart Caylor, President and Founder, Caylor Solutions To Be Outstanding, You Have to Think More To stand out in any field, you have to understand the context. In education marketing, the context is to segment, be relevant, and anticipate the questions to provide the answers. Your goal as a marketer is to remove…

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Marketing Automation: Using Technology to Work for You

  Using the Right Tools So You Can Focus On Relationships In the early twentieth century, the world was on the dawn of a technology revolution. Moving pictures were still silent, radio and television were on the verge of invention and air travel was all the rage. Lawrence Sperry was fascinated with these new technologies and took two of the…

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PRESS RELEASE: Fineline Printing Group Adds State-of-the-Art Mailing Equipment Designed for Perfect Match Direct Mailing

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, April 6th, 2015 Fineline Printing Group has added state-of-the-art mail and fulfillment equipment – MCS Perfect Match™ System, enhancing value to direct mail processes by increasing integrity, personalization and productivity. Visit the online Equipment list to see this new technology under the Mailing section. MCS Perfect Match™ System redefines speed, quality, personalization and…

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