PRESS RELEASE: Fineline Printing Group Adds State-of-the-Art Mailing Equipment Designed for Perfect Match Direct Mailing

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, April 6th, 2015

Fineline Printing Group has added state-of-the-art mail and fulfillment equipment – MCS Perfect Match™ System, enhancing value to direct mail processes by increasing integrity, personalization and productivity. Visit the online Equipment list to see this new technology under the Mailing section.

MCS Perfect Match™ System redefines speed, quality, personalization and security in direct mailings. This advanced matching system is set up with 48 sensors and 2 cameras, so it can customize every piece, in every cycle. Its proprietary Inkjet technology produces higher quality than laser printing, creates variable graphics, and can handle any chosen PMS color. Beyond print and insertion, this system also ensures 100% verification for highly securitized mailings, including insert/envelope verification and barcoding. In addition, the system creates variable messaging on the outside of non-window envelopes, creating extremely personalized pieces that get opened – every time.

With the personalized (non-window) mailing envelope and ability to add graphics & personalization, this new technology will be exceptionally valuable to all Fineline Non-For-Profit clients in attracting new donors and raising open rates of their alumni donation. The 100% mailing verification that ensures each piece is secure and compliant will benefit Fineline Healthcare clients in protecting PHI, complying with HIPAA regulations and providing highly personalized information to each type of customer. The high level of personalization is also valuable to all Fineline Education clients in attracting students and raising response rates with alumni donors.

“We’re excited to be adding MCS Perfect Match™ System to our revolutionary suite of print technology. Fineline is one of 112 systems across the country who now use this system to provide clients with faster and larger direct mail print options and more personalized mailings per individual piece,” said VP of Manufacturing, Ric Miller. “This addition will contribute to Fineline’s continual strides to supply the highest quality, and most intuitive technology in order to exceed customer needs on print and mailing projects.”


For more information contact Lisa Young, VP of Operations at Fineline Printing Group: 317.802.1962 (direct).

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