The Great Escape: Marketing Ideas to Set You Free

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5 Marketing Hot Buttons You Should Know

By Michael J. Pallerino

  1. Aggregate and refine your brand’s digital presence

    Make sure to continuously optimize web pages and A/B test everything. By testing various hypotheses, you can gather real data about customer behavior, and then quickly make the changes to improve performance across digital balloontouch points.

  2. Use mobile to connect the dots

    Mobile has strengthened brands’ ability to connect and reach customers at any time of the day. Consider all the ways customers are reaching your brand from mobile and optimize those interactions.

  3. Create rich content

    Optimize your content for context and strategic intent with a goal of enhancing the value of every customer interaction. Support a wide range of tactics to address branding, customer experience and performance objectives. This will help eliminate the noise and focus on relevant, pertinent content that truly aids in their buying journey.

  4. Build your strategies with the buyer in mind

    Know your customers and their tendencies, and then craft your game plan. To do this you must adopt and embrace change at every level of the organization.

  5. Sales is not your customer

    The buyer is your customer, so look to engage them and work with sales as a partner to reach them.

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