Case Study: Thought Leadership – 2014 Stewardship Meetings, Fineline’s Impact to Customers & Results

Each year Fineline preforms annual stewardship meetings with clients in order to regroup, continue to improve open communication, and strategize around upcoming business goals. These mutual reviews cover two main areas: a project review and a discovery portion.

Our project review covers Key Performance Indicators, customer quality metrics, overall project performance, and services Fineline has improved, added or changed that could impact the client and their goals.

The discovery portion gives everyone involved in the partnership a chance to sit down and discuss the working relationship, ask questions, explore business goals and how Fineline can impact and add value to their world.

The bi-products of these stewardship meetings are very powerful and have several downstream influences on the success of our client’s marketing and overall business operations. 

What was a challenge that Fineline helped a client solve by performing annual stewardship meetings?

One Fineline client, Indianapolis Raquet Club, recently had an annual stewardship meeting which brought to light two main challenges they were facing around their competitive services offerings.

We learned about their competition and that they’re offering micro-sites for the clients to order on.  They explained that in addition to their competition offering super low pricing to the clients in exchange for access to all school sports teams, they would set the micro sites up for them so it was even easier to place the orders for each team coach.



What solution did Fineline bring to the table?

As we began learning more about their increasingly competitive environment, we suggested they add an existing service offering that to provide digital storefronts for online ordering.  We explained that setting up temporary sites would be a breeze, answered all of their questions and presented them with some ballpark pricing.  The client found this solution to be a great opportunity for them, so we then designed digital storefronts that can house promotional items and apparel wear, in order to better serve their clients.


What was the outcome of this solution?

The impact has been huge.  Instead of continuing to struggle with a major competitive disadvantage, Indianapolis Racquet Club was able to utilize Fineline’s solution to effectively remove the stumbling blocks, and create long-term stability.

All in all, this solution helped increase revenue drivers, provide marketing with digital storefronts, and contribute strategic input on the competitive advantage in the marketplace.


At a high-level, we’ve found that communication is a key for the success of almost every type of relationship.  In a vendor-partner relationship, there is a revolving door of change and growth in both parties.  That change or growth likely affects many areas and can have a lasting impact on the success of a project and business.

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