Fineline Chooses CHILI Publisher for its Finelink 2.0 Print Marketing Platform

Erpe, Belgium, February 5th, 2016 – CHILI publish announces that Fineline, a leading print marketing platform provider, has adopted the CHILI publisher online editor for their multi-channel marketing and print procurement platform called Finelink 2.0.
CHILI publisher gives Finelink the technical resources they need to create a customized online solution that brings together all aspects of a client’s business into one customized, easy to use platform.

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Fineline has a strong reputation for meeting clients’ needs with excellent service and innovative solutions. Their online document management and print-on-demand technology called Finelink 1.0 is a testament to that dedication. As the company looked to expand the capabilities of Finelink, they turned to CHILI publish.

Says Richard Miller, owner at Fineline, “Our Finelink 1.0 solution gives our clients a customized way to streamline processes and make managing print marketing communications easier. But as marketing channels – and the ways in which clients collaborate – have expanded, we knew that Finelink would have to expand to keep pace. CHILI publisher was the technology we needed to ensure our solutions can meet the demands of our clients today – and well into the future.”

Finelink 2.0 Print Marketing Platform – Powered by CHILI publisherFinelink - Print Marketing Platform

Finelink 2.0 provides any organization with an easy-to-use online resource that speeds up the time it takes to build, approve, fulfill, and print marketing collateral. At the heart of this solution is the CHILI publisher Online Editor. CHILI publisher gave Fineline the technology they need to meet their critical requirements, including:

Document Editing

Clients using the Finelink 2.0 solution employ users with a range of design expertise. The document editing capabilities in CHILI publisher enable Fineline to meet the needs of all these users. CHILI publisher includes professional-level layout tools that can be used by expert designers, or it can be configured for even the most inexperienced users. The online editor in CHILI publisher also lets Finelink 2.0 clients better control their brand and legally required text – regardless of what industry they are in. Users can control access to design elements and their properties. For example, you can change the address of a brochure, but not the logo or disclaimer at the end.

Data-Driven Workflow

Users in numerous markets serviced by Fineline rely on data-driven workflows and processes to increase their productivity. CHILI publisher’s ability to create data-driven document management streamlines the marketing procurement process for Fineline clients, improving time and efficiency in their operations.


As more clients seek to collaborate with different departments and systems, CHILI publisher’s API’s let Finelink keep pace. CHILI publish’s API’s can connect directly with such systems as asset management, project management, CRM’s like Salesforce, and marketing automation platforms.

“Whether it be multiple locations, franchises, or departments, the companies we speak to often are not working from the same marketing or business script. CHILI publisher has helped us to solve that big challenge for our clients. Finelink 2.0 now brings business, marketing and print operations all together under one customized, easy-to-use platform that benefits the users, the company, and the brand,” notes Richard Miller.

Bram Verniest, CMO of CHILI publish, notes, “It is so gratifying for all of us at CHILI publish to work with a dedicated provider like Fineline. Their commitment to meeting the needs of their customers is evident in the ways they approached the development of Finelink 2.0. The result of this effort is a robust platform that can enable Fineline to expand their services to new markets and new users. We are pleased to have been part of this effort.”

A video highlighting how Fineline benefits from the CHILI publisher incorporation in the Finelink multi-channel marketing and print marketing platform, can be viewed here:


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