Announcing Finelink 2.0!

What it is and how it’s empowering clients and their teams to streamline marketing communications

Written by Guy Vreeman, Director of Technology

Fineline has recently announced the release of its innovative print marketing communications solution – Finelink 2.0.

As Director of Technology for Fineline and an employee for close to 20 years, I have lived and breathed evolution of the print landscape. As the gap between marketing and print communications shrinks, Fineline has made great investments in staff, technology and applying client feedback to build our second-generation print marketing solution – Finelink 2.0.

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With robust new features and integrations, Finelink 2.0 clients now have the advantage of simply clicking their mouse to fulfill the following:

  • Integrated digital asset management
  • Online document editor
  • Collaboration features
  • Quick-turn requests
  • Regulatory compliance demands
  • Brand consistency
  • Adaptable API integrations
  • Print and ordering approval processes across multiple locations and departments


What does Finelink 2.0 mean for Fineline Printing Group and our clients?

“It is all about the customer. We’re putting Fineline in the position to offer more of the proverbial “pie” that corporate marketing departments can use to sell and grow their business.”
Throughout Fineline’s evolution as a marketing technology services provider, we’re continually ensuring our staff and products have the skills that go far beyond what most printing companies would consider necessary. Even our digital operators on the floor are required to have the additional proficiencies needed to support new technology.  Fineline recently announced a $3.79 million dollar facility and staffing expansion which will offer more capacity, as well as better staffing and services, to our clients.

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How was Finelink 2.0 strategically built? What will that mean for ease of implementation, ongoing updates and IT support?

Fineline IT Support Team

Fineline IT Support Team

While there are other print communication technologies in the marketplace, most are a ‘smoke and mirrors’ products that still require a manual operator to work the product behind the scenes. Other times we see a robust product that is overly difficult to use or vice versa. The whole reason we looked to develop our own platform was to create a unified tool for these marketing services. Therefore we custom built Finelink 2.0 to be professional and streamlined on both the back-end, as well as create a great user experience. Additionally, we selected API driven technologies that allow clients to integrate with all world-class platforms like, Ariba, HubSpot, SA, Peoplesoft and Membership Management Systems for healthcare, to name a few.


What are we most excited to announce about Finelink 2.0?

It’s flexible, adaptable, intuitive and seamless. With Finelink 2.0, Fineline is able to offer a wider range of services by building on an already proven platform. We are excited to build on our features and are looking forward to what the next year will bring with quarterly product releases.

Finally, we are excited because clients are excited! We already have great feedback on the product and how intuitive it is in fulfilling their entire team’s responsibilities.


How can you learn more about Finelink 2.0?


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