PRESS RELEASE: Fineline Printing Group Adds New Finelink 2.0 Application Developer

Fineline Printing Hires Application Developer to Take Finelink 2.0 Print Marketing Platform to the Next Level


INDIANAPOLIS, IN, July, 2017—Fineline Printing Group, a strategic print partner and creator of the multi-channel print marketing platform Finelink 2.0, has hired Jaykumar Sharma as an application developer for Finelink 2.0. This is part of Fineline’s continued strategy to enhance Finelink 2.0’s functionality, customization and drive advantageous partnerships through integrations.

“Today, more than ever, print and technology go hand-in-hand. Finelink 2.0’s mission is to literally bridge the gap between the two. Having maintained an in-house IT team for over 20 years, Fineline knows this value more than anyone. In welcoming Jaykumar to our team, we’re excited how his expertise will enhance and further tailor Finelink 2.0’s features and user experience.” said Fineline’s Chief Operating Officer Lisa Young.

Finelin 2.0 Applications Developer

Jaykumar Sharma

Jaykumar brings a wealth of education and practical expertise to Fineline. Specializing in web and mobile applications, he is proficient in a wide variety of programming languages and protocols such as JAVA, C#, MySQL, MONGODB, jQuery, backbone.js, Angular.js, reveal.js, Git, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, PHP, Node.js, CodeIgniter, Design Patterns, C++, and Phone Gap/ Cordova.

Jaykumar will be responsible for application design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance of Fineline’s custom software solution Finelink 2.0. As an Application Developer, he will also serve as the technical developer for ecommerce storefronts and integrations.

Jaykumar earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Engineering from K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering in Mumbai, India, and a Master of Science degree in Information Science and Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY.


Read more about Jaykumar at on our blog here.

About Fineline Printing Group

Fineline Printing Group is a solutions-driven printer with a customer-focused approach. A minority-owned business and one of the largest providers of commercial print, Fineline specializes in managing the entire enterprise print and fulfillment process on behalf of clients. Certified to work with highly-regulated industries, Fineline is ISO 9001:2008 compliant, HIPAA compliant and G7 Master qualified. Founded in 1981 and located in Indianapolis, Fineline has a state-of-the-art production facility and is the creator of Finelink 2.0 — an online print marketing platform that brings the power of marketing efficiency from creation to fulfillment.




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