Fineline’s Upgraded HIPAA Compliant Print and Mailing Center

Pitney Bowes HIPAA Secure Mailing and Printing

Personal health information and distribution can be risky business (if you’re not careful). Especially when it comes to HIPAA compliant print and mailing processes. And while Fineline has always taken on high-volume projects, we’ve just “upped our game.” When it comes to confidential information, the best way to mitigate risks to our client is to manage our own risks well. To do this, Fineline has constructed a new, highly secure print and mailing center with equipment that allows for hyper personalized printing and inserting. The upgrade expands the complexity of our program and helps us to maintain the security of personal health information and HIPAA-protected data (few other printing companies can offer).  We also received our SOC2 Type2 Certification.

Here are the five things we’re most excited about and will make the biggest impact on client programs:

1. New Mailing Facility

Our new mailing facility has a single point of entry open only to authorized personnel. All mailing center employees are HIPAA certified and all Fineline employees are HIPAA compliant. Similar access limits are placed on each individual machine, meaning data is secured at many levels. Machines that stuff envelopes are equipped with cameras that match insert to envelope and track the compliance of each piece of mail.  Many healthcare systems have already benefitted from custom open enrollment projects we delivered for their organizations.

2. Targeted Marketing with Variable Data & Variable Page Technology 

One of the barriers many healthcare organizations face is the need to print variable data such as invoices, letters, patient cards and inserts based on unique and private data. To better enable this, we equipped our new facility with the Pitney Bowes Accumulator Folder & Inserter. This machine ensures the security of protected personal health information, while inserting different information or offers based on patient information. For example, if you want to send a specific reminder or offer to a patient who is about to become a parent, partnership retailers can include discounts and marketing materials. Fineline’s technology cuts down on waste and shipping inaccuracy. Likewise a smoother and faster ordering and fulfilment system for companies like Maximus who were faced with a growing market and getting new member materials out the door quickly.

3. HIPAA Compliant Print and Mailing Processes and Procedures

Folded direct mailers create a lasting impact on a target audience and our machine can produce these quickly and easily. When companies are working with millions of HIPAA compliant print and mailings each year, they want to be confident they are going out securely and correctly. The Pitney Bowes Accumulator Folder & Inserter can fold and nest up to five sheets of paper. During this process we use digital copiers and fast-dry ink jets. The entire document is printed, folded, inserted, and mailed in one area, using camera and barcode technology to achieve maximum accuracy. Customer information such as geographic location, type of insurance policy, and health information can be applied to further customize each envelope with features like an in-state return address or other information. We worked with one system to establish a Customer Relationship Management System that tracked which insurance products were sold to specific customers. We empowered the client to classify their customers by name and policy type. We could then insert the proper welcome letter, insurance ID card, pharmacy card, and product brochure in each envelope, without needing individual files to do so.

4. Centralized, Secure Data Processing

We take every client’s data seriously. We adhere to all the HIPAA best practices in order to keep your data safe. This includes our own custom business continuity plan for regulatory clients. Data is centralized and backed up so it can be retrieved quickly and efficiently in case of emergency or need. Because your data is stored digitally according to the most current HIPAA guidelines, it can be restored or updated quickly and easily.  With all fail-proof recovery systems in place, we also have secure file sharing, processing and a dedicated Quality Control specialist on-site that oversees every program.

5. Ongoing Employee HIPAA Compliance Training

Responsibility to client security is paramount and deeply engrained in Fineline’s employee culture. All employees go through full HIPAA compliant print and mailing training every six months, and a refresher once a quarter. Our mailing center sends out 50,000 or more HIPAA compliant messages a week, which is about 10,000 a day or 1.3 million pieces per month. This is why our employees recognize on their own, the importance of maintaining our high standards.  All in all – we’ve got your back.

Fineline is continually evolving with marketplace and client needs. As our mission statement reflects: “We will not ask for your business until we can improve it.” Our new mailing center is a reflection of this philosophy. As a consultative print partner, laser focused on improving systems please drop us a line, to learn more about what our new mailing technology and secured center can do for you.

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