Managing Your Digital Media Part 2

More reasons to consider the technology.

By Jill Wangler, Director of Marketing

In a previous post, I introduced the purpose of digital asset management systems (i.e., DAMS) and why brand-driven companies and organizations make the investment. I discussed  the benefits, specifically cloud-based systems, brand customization, universal accessibility, and overall scalability to match the growth of your company.

Some more benefits of DAMS include:


Image Repurposing with No Additional Software: You can change a graphic’s size, resolution, file type, and color space, all within a DAMS platform. There is no need to export an image to a design program to repurpose an image. You can essentially eliminate expensive graphics software for non-design staff users.

Advanced Search Features: These systems use metadata to catalog your content which allows for easy search functionality. Your users can determine how specific of a search they want to use to see the most appropriate options for the project at hand.

Brand Management: DAMS allow you to easily manage brand identity and design standards throughout your organization, and with outside affiliates like design and advertising companies. By funneling all digital asset access to one controlled environment, you—the brand manager—pre-determine the options available for images, color, and copy.

Quick Deployment: There are no requirements for the installation or maintenance of a DAMS. In fact, all you need is a computer with a standard web browser and Internet connection.

Reporting Functionality: System and user activity reporting, including data on downloads and file activity, is available to management. The data helps you forecast more accurately for future needs.

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