Multi-Generational Marketing: Targeting the Boomers

By Jill Wangler, Director of Marketing

Does your product or service target the coveted Boomer population?  In particular, if you market healthcare, anti-aging or health products and services, financial services, leisure, or travel, make sure you are speaking their language.

Also known as the “Me Generation,” these folks were born sometime during 1946-1964. They remember their wild frenzy over the rise of color television and music sensation of The Beatles. This is an optimistic group…although it’s been since diminished by the Great Recession. They are hard working, driven, and anti-authority.

Key guidelines when planning your marketing strategy for the Boomers:

  • Recognize the importance of their image and their status in society—it’s all about “me-me-me.” Focus on health, wellness, and energy.
  • Address their appreciation for social justice and environmental friendliness
  • Show that you understand their need to be treated as individuals and love for self expression, while not dismissing the concepts of team work. While it’s all about them, leadership should be dictated by consensus.

So, tactically, how could this look for your marketing program? Consider:

  • Keep the tone light—they respond to “feel good” scenarios
  • Provide a challenge, puzzle, or game that they need to win or solve. Boomers love rewards. Make them the Most Valued Player (MVP).
  • Make sure it is relatively quick or easy to acquire your product or service.
  • Emphasize your customer service aptitude and the value what you offer.
  • Give options and choices (not a one-size fits all offer).
  • Use lots of “You” words: You are important; You are valued; We need you.

Appropriate media choices for Boomers include direct mail, email, Internet, television, and magazines. Word-of-mouth or face-to-face communications are powerful with this group; make it easy for trusted advisors and friends to share and promote your product. Internet sites should be detailed with relevant information because they have relatively more time to compare and contrast. Use more text than images and simple navigational cues.

Stay tuned for our next recap: Marketing to Generation X

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