Multi-Generational Marketing: Targeting the Silents / Traditionalists

By Jill Wangler, Director of Marketing

Does your product or service target retirees? In particular, if you market healthcare, medical insurance, casino/gaming, leisure and/or travel, then you better understand the traits and characteristics of the Silent Generation. Also known as the Traditionalist or Depression Generation, these folks were born sometime before 1945.

They are the “Greatest Generation” (made famous by Tom Brokaw’s book). So treat them with the reverence and respect they deserve. Key rules:

  • Recognize their interest in experiencing new things and being active (mentally and/or physically)
  • Appeal to their sense of value and loyalty
  • They are givers! Avoid a pressured or “hard” sell.

So, tactically, how could this look for your marketing program? Consider

Traditional media–TV, radio, print (newspapers, direct mail, magazines) and telesales–work well when needing to reach this cohort. Local news magazines are particularly strong. Email is viable as well, but make sure type is larger (12 point minimum) and make the call to actions colorful and clear.

Stay tuned for our next recap: marketing to the coveted Boomers.

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