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Why Don’t People Test More?

By Dr. John Leininger, Professor, Clemson University Maybe my prospective as a college professor gives me a unique vision on why companies do not do more testing when it comes to the success or failure of a marketing campaign. Think back when you were in school, did you look forward to taking an exam? I…

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Cross Media is Just a Tool!

 Guest Blogger Feature  By Dr. John Leininger, Professor, Clemson University Cross media means different things to different people since there are so many different types of media you can cross over together. It does not have to stop at two. Some people confuse cross media with multi-channel marketing. The difference is that cross media strategically…

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Personalized Communications: What Can “Vary”?

As consumer demand shifts to more personalized media channels, marketers are increasing spending on tactics to make communications more targeted, meaningful, and interactive/engaging. Variable Data Printing—or VDP—is one of the most effective ways of communicating directly to your individual customer. It makes direct mail and other marketing materials more personal. More than ever, you can…

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