Personalized Communications: What Can “Vary”?

As consumer demand shifts to more personalized media channels, marketers are increasing spending on tactics to make communications more targeted, meaningful, and interactive/engaging.

Variable Data Printing—or VDP—is one of the most effective ways of communicating directly to your individual customer. It makes direct mail and other marketing materials more personal. More than ever, you can easily and affordably create full-color printed collateral that address your clients and prospects by name. Benefits include:

  • Attention
  • Better response and returns
  • Repeat orders (loyalty) and order size
  • Measurability (e.g. unique barcodes and id numbers)
  • Perceived as more eco-friendly by ensuring that you are only reaching groups most likely to be receptive to your products

The most successful variable projects are more than personalized, they are customized. Virtually any variability can be added to your piece, as long as you have the data to drive the change.

VDP is about customizing the entire message, including text, images, colors, offers, graphs, digital signatures, PURLs (Personal URLs), and QR (Quick Response) codes. All make your message genuinely of interest to the recipient.

In summary, whether it’s a simple segmentation with one or two variable components or a complex multivariable campaign, you can utilize readily available technology to customize your communications based on what you know about your customers.

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