Personalized Communications: It’s all about the Data. Where do you start?

According to InfoTrends, personalized direct mail communications increase repeat orders by 48%, response rates by 36%, overall profit by 32%, and order size by 25%. It’s pretty intuitive: the communication is more relevant and therefore impactful.

After all, your customers have unique personalities that relate to unique buying habits. When they are communicated in a unique way, they respond better. But your personalized campaign can only be as powerful as the data you have on your audience.

So if you haven’t done this lately, assess all information sources available on your customer base: self service web sites, call centers, finance, human resources, purchased lists, market research, etc. See what types of information are accessible: demographics, preferences, interests, history, etc. can all help you customize your mail messages to best match their responsiveness and buying preferences.

Stay tuned for our next post: What can be variable?

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