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10 Common Errors in Preparing Print Files

CMYK Color palette

Save Time & Money with These Tips on Preparing Print Files When businesses need to print a project, it seems like the design can’t be completed fast enough. Once the files go to the printer, it’s usually a big sigh of relief. But the timeline from final design to printed materials on your doorstep can…

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5 Tips for Balancing Print Cost vs. Quality

As we start to think about upcoming trade shows and events, one big question we get from prospects and customers is “How can we accomplish a quality project within our budget?” Fineline prides itself on our consultative approach to helping you answer these questions by providing continual resources and best practices, sourced from our 34…

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Should Modern Marketing Include Print?

Guest Blogger Feature By Randy Clark, Director of Communications, TKO Graphix Marketing has dramatically changed over the last 20 years. Not long ago print was an integral part of most advertising campaigns. Brochures, catalogues, and pamphlets were printed and presented to clients in-person or by mail and not distributed electronically. Even broadcast media initiatives usually included printed collateral.…

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Personalized Communications: What Can “Vary”?

As consumer demand shifts to more personalized media channels, marketers are increasing spending on tactics to make communications more targeted, meaningful, and interactive/engaging. Variable Data Printing—or VDP—is one of the most effective ways of communicating directly to your individual customer. It makes direct mail and other marketing materials more personal. More than ever, you can…

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