Should Modern Marketing Include Print?

Guest Blogger Feature

By Randy Clark, Director of Communications, TKO Graphix

Marketing has dramatically changed over the last 20 years. Not long ago print was an integral part of most advertising campaigns. Brochures, catalogues, and pamphlets were printed and presented to clients in-person or by mail and not distributed electronically. Even broadcast media initiatives usually included printed collateral. Direct mail, presentation handouts, and one-pagers were all part of the expected information share. Today much of what was done in print is done electronically through email and social media, which begs the question “Is there a need for printed marketing material today?” We think the answer is YES. There is a time, place, and need for print in marketing and here’s why: Why brochures are still a valid marketing tool.

How are you using printed materials in your marketing efforts?   For a free consultation on how to integrate print and digital messages email Fineline.


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