Using Print to Stay Visible in a Virtual World

Restrictions on in-person interactions are creating a need to look for alternative ways to interact with customers and employees.  Printed projects can help with the virtual connection.  Research indicates,  40% of customers will try a new business after receiving a mail offer and direct mail recipients purchase 28% more items and spend 28% more money than people who don’t get that same piece of direct mail.  Mailing postcards, invitations, and brochures are ways you can stay visible in this new virtual world.

Fishers Farmers Market postcardBefore you jump into mailing, revisit your marketing strategies and materials. Do you have old brochures, outdated catalogs, or inconsistent logo usage and branding that you have meant to revise but could not find the time? Chances are, you have it now.  Working with a marketing solutions provider, create new pieces with consistent branding.  You will be ready to hit the ground running with fresh design and messaging for your marketing outreach.

Personalized touches are important to both your customers and your employees who may be working remote. Postcards, invitations, brochures, and employee “staying connected” kits are a couple ways you can be visible in this virtual world.   Postcards are a great way to extend an offer or service or can be used as a follow-up to say thank-you to a customer.

Invitations are an excellent way to build engagement and interest. Use invitations creatively to surprise and communicate with customers. This can be an invite to an event, a sales or incentive period, or a virtual experience. You can use a printed invitation to inform customers about an upcoming webinar or virtual event and include registration information.

Kiwanis brochuresBrochures are another great way to share your product or service with your customers.  Use brochures to walk customers through a series of information or actions. Begin by using the front cover as an introduction. Then have the accompanying pages printed as a step. The back cover is the perfect place for a conclusion with a call to action.

Not all marketing pieces need to be a “hard sell”, greeting cards can be used to say hi or wish customers well.  A few people have expressed concerns about virus transmission from mail, but the WHO and CDC both say that no coronavirus transmission has occurred from a newspaper, magazine, letter, or package. Sending your mail pieces is still considered safe.

It is also important to stay visible to your employees during this time, as many are working from home where making connections is more difficult.  We know that a huge part of being a team is feeling a sense of collaboration, community, and connection in a bustling office. We miss going out for team lunches and grabbing coffee with our work best friend.  Using branded company boxes to help employees feel connected while working from home is a great motivational gesture.  Boxes can include anything from company swag to candles, tea, and other comfort items. Sending your employees branded items can help create a sense of community and goodwill toward your company.  It may also give them something to wear  or show off on those Zoom calls!Promotional Items on Display

Be a trusted resource to help employees and customers through the crisis. Keep in mind that how you communicate contributes to how you will be remembered.  Have patience and know that every effort that you make right now will pay off in the future. As a provider of commercial print and promotional products, we are here to help you stay visible in this new virtual world. Contact us today for ideas and pricing on your next project.

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