Staying Connected with Creative Marketing Kits

Creative marketing kits are a great way to stay connected with your employees and customers.  People respond to tactile things. There is a deep need to feel, to touch, that stimulates different parts of the brain than visual stimulation alone. Even if you are a completely online company, the chances are you can gain more clients by having printed materials to communicate your message.  Now more than ever, organizations need to find ways to connect with their employees and customers in a meaningful way.  Depending on the message you are trying to send, custom packaged marketing kits provide an opportunity for you to showcase your company to employees and customers in a variety of ways.

Employee Welcome Onboarding Kits

Give new employees or employees returning to the office a warm welcome by putting a guide and some necessary items like custom post-its, USB flash drives, company shirt or mug, and more in your onboarding kit. It’s sure to make them feel welcomed on the first day of work.

What could go in the on boarding obx

There are many things that can be included in your employee kit including:

  • A letter from the CEO welcoming new hires to the team.
  • New hire paperwork and forms.
  • Information about company culture and your mission.
  • Employee handbook
  • Training information
  • Staff directory
  • Swag – t-shirts, coffee cups, stickers, office supplies,  branded stationery items such as pens, pencils, sticky note blocks, staplers, and notebooks.

Kits or Bags for Virtual Conference Attendees  

With virtual conferencing on the rise, creating visibility for sponsors is an important part of a virtual conference.  Using a creative marketing kit is a great way to share information and branded company swag.  A good virtual event needs to have an element of fun to it. This is where the swag bag comes in. Any attendees of a major conference can tell you how they remember a unique item given away at the booths. In some cases, this is a very real branding opportunity that can turn into business opportunities as well. This makes it essential for companies that want to participate in a virtual conference to have their swag at the ready.

Customer Welcome Kits

The experience of holding something in our hands changes how we perceive a product. Retail stores know that if you pick something up, you are much more likely to buy it.  What we understand is that we gain interested people through our online efforts, but we get customers when we get product and samples in their hands.  Using a custom created kit to get product samples in the hands of your customers will help you create customers for life.  You can include printed materials featuring the benefits of your product or service along with your samples or company branded merchandise.

Remote Workforce Connection Kits  

Working from home has become the norm across the country.  As this trend continues into the fall and winter, it is increasingly important to keep your workforce feeling connected to both your company culture and each other.  Shirts with company branding can be especially important as videoconferencing is on the rise, having your employees wear their branded swag will keep your logo front and center. Other kits to help employees feel connected and valued include:

Virtual Happy Hour Kit. This is a great option to send to teams before hosting a virtual happy hour or other socializing event and can include a branded glass, wine bottle opener, can koozie and so much more.
Game Night kit can include a card game, a small puzzle and some candy.
Thank You kit. The stay safe and cozy kit to include socks, tea and mug.  Be sure to include a note in each of the boxes so your employees know you are there with them and for them during this time.

For information on creative marketing kits and more ideas of what to include, contact us today.  We are here for you.

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